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fakelife releases new single "Drugs All Night"

“Drugs All Night was a song that came very quickly and seemed to fall from the sky. It’s a song about finding yourself wrapped up in a new and exciting relationship that seems to explode and die out just as quickly. I’ve always wanted to write a song about this… Read More

Jon Bryant Releases “Headphones” Single on Nettwerk Records

Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Wally Gagel for WAX LTD, Inc. Check out the song HERE and watch the video HERE.

Jim and Sam Release “Saturday Night” Single on Nettwerk Records

Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Wally Gagel for WAX LTD, Inc.  Check out the song HERE & more from Jim and Sam HERE.

Will Sparks Releases Remix of Meiko's "Back in the Game"

Australian producer and DJ, Will Sparks, releases his remix of Meiko’s “Back in the Game”. More about Will Sparks and live footage of his remix may be found HERE.

WORLDS Release Music Video for "Strange Feeling"

WORLDS is the musical partnership of Erica Driscoll, the Brazilian-American songstress and voice behind indie-pop royalty BLONDFIRE, and LA scene musician Anthony Polcino, who played in Epic Records rockers Low vs Diamond, collaborated with Jeff Kite (Julian Casablancas & the Voidz) in the dance-punk outfit Beat Club, and currently churns out colorful psych-pop with his solo project ANTOINE DILIGENT.… Read More

Born Rivals Release New Single "Sway"

“Sway” is the newest release in the Singles Club monthly song series from LA-based brother duo, Born Rivals. Recorded with Andrew Lappin at Sunset Sound Studios and WAX LTD Studios, the track balances soulful vocals and lush orchestration over a tight, pulsing groove.  The duo’s album artwork continues the theme… Read More

Variance Magazine Premieres Rows' New Single & EP - "Something More"

“‘Something More’ is a song about heartbreak and the courage it takes to end a broken relationship,” the band’s singer-songwriter Matt Couchois tells Variance of the track. “It’s easy to wallow in self-pity after a break-up, but the hardest part is learning to accept what was wrong and find the strength to… Read More

BuzzBands Premieres Emerson Star's "Pistol Grip"

Emerson Star releases new single “Pistol Grip” and new video for “Wasted” – premiere on BuzzBands.  Listen to the full track and watch the full video here.

Meiko Releases New Single "Back in the Game"

“‘Back In The Game’ is a ‘going out’ anthem for the broken-hearted. You know, brush your knees off, get back in there and kick some ass!” – MEIKO Listen to the full track here.   MEIKO ON THE ROAD: 3/22 – Austin, TX – One World Theatre 3/23 – Dallas, TX… Read More

Nona Releases New Animated Video for "Girls"

“This animation is inspired by real life relationships and the cycle of pain some couples seem to inflict on one another. There can be a feeling of ownership over each other’s bodies and minds which devolves into resentment if not resolved, and this film uses these ideas as a jumping… Read More

Escondido Releases Live Video of "Try"

Filmed in Joshua Tree. Watch the full video here.

Buzz Bands premieres Emerson Star's "Wasted"

“L.A. quintet Emerson Star don’t come off as party animals — their buoyant guitar pop seems better for long drives and beach parties than late-night bingeing — but their darker new single ‘Wasted’ sounds a note of caution.” – Kevin Bronson, Buzz Bands LA. Check out the full article here.

WORLDS Release New Single "Strange Feeling"

Listen to the full track here!

Nona Releases Otherways - EP, Plus Hits Daily Double Feature

“There’s a vintage tone. The music and lyrics, which manage to be a bit wistful, often make me feel like I’m in a teen-movie montage (something I’m routinely aspiring to) or like I should be kicking a rock around, hands-a-pocket, considering my own nature. With moments of yearning, self-pity, confrontation and denial, there’s something for… Read More

Introducing WORLDS & Their Debut Single "Good Sh*t"

WORLDS is the musical partnership of Erica Driscoll, the Brazilian-American songstress and voice behind indie-pop royalty Blondfire, and LA scene musician Anthony Polcino, who played in Epic Records rockers Low vs Diamond, collaborated with Jeff Kite (Julian Casablancas & the Voidz) in the dance-punk outfit Beat Club, and currently churns… Read More

Micky Blue Releases New Single "Good Love" - Premiere on Pop Crush

Micky Blue’s “Good Love” may sound like a futuristic, airy synth-pop love song, but lyrically, the song is more empowerment anthem than dance floor fluff.  Read the full article here.

Nona Releases New Single "Fathers Day" - Premiere on Grimy Goods

“After years of touring with a variety of other bands (Goldroom, The Moth and the Flame), LA-native Michael Goldman’s newest project NONA was inspired by the need to create something uncompromisingly true to himself.” Read the full article here.

Whissell Releases New Single "Living Now" - Premiere on Galore

“I have been pushing my writing to new places and have released a ton of new music along the way. “Living Now” came from a place of intense reflection. I was in a writing session and talking about my journey from working in sales to pursuing music. I described a… Read More

Rows Releases New Single and Music Video for "Simplicity"

“Simplicity is a song about growing up in a digital/social media era and basing your problems on its intrinsic value. We start to define our worth by looking outward to other people and their digital avatars while avoiding looking in. If we boil down the things in our lives that… Read More

Rows Releases New Cover of Katy Perry's "Chained to the Rhythm"

Listen to the full track here.

Whissell Releases New Single "Been Here Before"

Listen to the full track here.

Blondfire Releases Cover of Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun"

“I’m beyond saddened to hear of Chris Cornell’s passing.  His voice and melodies were an inspiration to me.  I recorded this version of ‘Black Hole Sun’ this past year for a movie trailer that never ended up happening.  It makes me sad to listen to this now, but it was… Read More

Rows premieres music video for New Heart and releases new single - "Supernatural"

“One of the first records I ever fell in love with was Michael Jackson’s “Bad”. Jackson’s work with Quincy Jones was something I always really looked up to. I wanted to try writing over a simple groove and bass line that controlled the entire song, something Jones and Jackson were… Read More

Whissell Releases New Single "Legs Crossed"

“Nashville-based pop/soul songwriter Whissell released her debut EP, Old Souls, Young Bodies, earlier this year with glowing press and strong listenership, but she’s not taking any time off. We have the exclusive premiere of her dynamic follow-up single “Legs Crossed.” Whissell wields her rich vocals atop towering percussion, a march… Read More

Transmission Project Releases Debut Single "Golden Moment" Featuring Lenka

Premiered on We Found New Music, watch the lyric video here.

Red Rosamond Releases New Single - "Don't Let Our Love Go Cold"

“One day, I was listening to Dinah Washington and her song ‘You Let My Love Grow Cold’ came on. I had just moved to Los Angeles from my home in Canada to write a new body of work. My lover at the time was traveling for work and had stopped communicating… Read More

Rows Release Debut Single - "New Heart"

Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Matt Couchois approaches alternative rock with an ethereal touch – creating songs that are dreamy, pensive, and self-aware.  In Rows, Matt is joined by his brother, Dillon Couchois, on drums.  Previously a member of the indie rock band, Max and the Moon, Couchois has shared the… Read More

Jukebox the Ghost Release New Single - "Stay the Night"

“The vision of the song draws upon inspiration from Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” which is evident in the stylistic choices and the colorful lightness of the melody. Jukebox’s own sound laced together with the icon’s influence, made a seamless and perfect combination of the two.” (Lauren Tom, billboard). Check out… Read More

Blondfire Releases New Single - "Here and Now"

Check out the BuzzBands LA premiere here.


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